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Parish Council Minutes and Agendas

next parish meeting on the 8th September at 7:30pm

If you would like to see older copies of the Hockering Parish Council minutes,

please contact the Parish Clerk.






PRESENT: D Johnson, R Hawker, M. Darge, Mrs R Neave, M. Mason. 

1 parishioner.


CHAIRMAN:        Derrick Johnson.

CLERK: Penny Hawker

APOLOGIES: None this month.


The meeting was held at the village hall. All safety precautions put in place.

Julia Virgoe has resigned from the Parish Council. She has been thanked for her contribution to the parish. A notice of vacancy has been posted. If 10 parishioners wish to hold an election for the post, then an election cannot be held until May 2021 due to present circumstances. After 14 days, if there is no request for an election, the parish council can co-opt a councillor to the post.


The vacancy left by Susan Warren was then filled by unanimous agreement by Nicholas B Blackwell. He completed all necessary forms included the Disclosure of Pecuniary interests form which the clerk will send to Breckland council.


The minutes of the virtual meeting of 14th July 2020 were then agreed correct and signed by the Chairman, Derrick Johnson.


MATTERS ARISING. Nothing of note this month.


PARISH COUNCILLOR DISCLOSABLE PECUNIARY INTERESTS: no requests for dispensation this month.





3PL/2020/0620/LB. & 3PL/2020/0619/HOU Yew Tree Farm, The Street, Hockering. Listed building application for erection of a detached outbuilding for use as a home studio/office. This application has been approved.


NORWICH WESTERN LINK. Local Access Consultation. Deadline for comments is 20th September. A detailed brochure will be circulated and R Hawker said he would aim to obtain more copies for the parish as a whole.  Views are being sought on the local roads that cross the route and the public rights of way in the vicinity of the new road and potential measures to support walking, cycling and public transport across a wider area. R Hawker will attend the local liaison virtual meeting on 18th August and report to the parish council at the September meeting.


PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE. the Government has announced a major new planning reform to help accelerate infrastructure and housing delivery, and support post-Covid growth. There is a 12-week consultation period, the link on the website is:

Details will circulate but the clerk has advised that the document online is 84 pages long so she has requested a paper copy. She has had no reply to date.



A47 DUALLING. A meeting to discuss the side roads with Highways England and Hockering Parish Council is currently on hold due to the current situation. The chairman said he would contact HE to see if it were possible to link with them at the village hall, once the parish council have gathered questions from the parish. D Johnson to organise.



ANNUAL AUDIT 2019 – 2020.

The Exercise of Public Rights dates were 15th June – 24th July 2020.

All financial documents pertaining to the audit and the 2019 – 2020 finances are on the village website.



S Cole. Tree stump clearance. The Stile footpath. £150.00

KMC strimming. Strim football pitch. 2 bills £80 and £120. To be paid for from the Playing Field funds.(£200)

M Darge. Print and edit Summer HQN. £392.00

Hockering Shop. Fuel for grass cutting. £48.34

S Hawker. Website admin. £60.00




These issues are ongoing.

Noticeboard: M Mason is looking for a new board. He is looking at the cheapest options for powering a light that would be fitted above the board within the brick bus shelter. This is ongoing.


Village Sign: The base of the post needs a metal guard. M Mason said he would look into this.


Play Area – discussion re safety report. Postponed until September. The picnic bench has been damaged. M Darge is organising a replacement of the splintered wood.


Gulleys and gutters. D Johnson said some still needed sorting out. He will look into it.


Dog bin at Park Lane. D Johnson said this was progressing.


Village Website: There are new regulations in September 2020 asking for adjustments to the village website so it is accessible to disabled people. M Darge is preparing an Accessibility statement.


CORRESPONDENCE: Nothing of note this month.


AOB: Nothing of note this month.




DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Tuesday 8th September 2020 at 7.30pm at Hockering Village Hall.