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Parish Council Minutes and Agendas

next parish meeting on the 9th July 2019 at 7:30pm






1) Apologies.


2) Minutes of last meeting – 11th June 2019.


2a) Matters arising from the Minutes.


3) Parish Councillor disclosable pecuniary interests - requests for dispensation.


4) Planning and Road issues


3PL/2018/1133/O, The Street Hockering. Erection of 6 No. dwellings. Notice of appeal.

Appeal reference: APP/F2605/W/19/3224842

An appeal has been made to the Secretary of State against the decision of

Breckland District Council to refuse to grant planning permission.

The appeal will be determined on the basis of a hearing. Date of hearing yet to be determined..


Review of current developments and meetings.


Possible S106 projects. The council have been asked to make a list of possible projects to put forward when S106 money is available from Breckland. (Deferred from last month.)


5) Finances


Details of expenditure and payments to be made since last meeting.

Update on 2018-9 Audit.



6) Other issues. Parish councillor roles.

State of metal bus shelter; discussion re possible replacement.



7) Correspondence.


8) AOB – to include items / issues reported to various authorities this month.

Play Area inspection due this month – June 2019.


Promotion of Village Litter Pick – to be held Saturday September 14th 10am – 12.30pm. Start at the village hall.



9) Questions from members of the public.


10) Date of next meeting – Tuesday 13th August 2019 at 7.30pm.







Meetings were again held monthly at the village hall.

Planning issues still continue to be the major topic each month. A number of new housing developments are currently underway which will change the face of the village. There are concerns about the volume of traffic they will generate along Heath Road and also on-street parking problems.


Issues with the roads are also a dominant issue. Options have been put forward for the dualling of the A47, but final details are awaited.

The village magazine – the Hockering Quarterly News – and the village website continue to be the key way to keep in touch with all parishioners


Yet again, the subjects that the clerk receives most complaints about are dog mess and inconsiderate parking. The parking issue will become increasingly important as more houses are built in the village so everyone needs to bear others in mind when they park their vehicles.

There are a number of dog bins around the village but inconsiderate dog owners are still not using them. If you need a map of the village showing where the bins are located or if you think yet another bin is needed in a location where one ought to be, or if you have other suggestions for dealing with this ongoing problem, please let the parish council know either via the website or by ringing or emailing the clerk. Bear in mind that the cost of the existing bins and their upkeep is charged to your Council Tax bill so do please make use of them.


There is currently a vacancy on the parish council. Being part of the parish council is increasingly important as the village grows in size. It is the one way to keep abreast of planning issues and to have some input on what happens to the village. Both District and county councillors are always invited to each monthly meeting. Contact is also made with the police and church and it is a chance to support the community.


Comments and queries from parishioners are welcome. Do attend a parish meeting where you will be given an opportunity to make your views known.


Penny Hawker

Parish Clerk

June 2019.




PRESENT: R Hawker, D Johnson, M. Darge, Mrs R Neave.

G Bambridge – District Councillor; M McCaghrey – Parish vicar.

CHAIRMAN: Derrick Johnson.

CLERK: Penny Hawker

APOLOGIES: M Mason, Ms J Virgoe.

The meeting was held at the village hall.


The meeting started with the Special Annual Meeting and reports were given by the following:


Parish clerk, Penny Hawker, who stated that the main problems remain: dog fouling and inconsiderate car-parking.


Parochial Church council: Mark McCaghrey, who reminded the parish how great a contribution to the church Mr and Mrs Akester had made and they were wished well for their retirement. The monthly coffee mornings will continue as they have become very popular and are well-attended. Any offers of help with cake or jam making would be most welcome.

The church tower now needs some restoration and funds are being sought.

The parish welcomes curate Andrea Woods and her husband Tim who will be occupying the New Rectory.


Poor & Townlands Charity: Oliver Berney reported - The Poor and Townlands Charity met twice in the last financial year and continue to manage the assets, properties and investments under it's control with the aim of maintaining balanced accounts and assisting individuals and projects in financial need within the parish. 

Disbursements were made to the School in regard to trips and playing field equipment, Church repairs/projects and insurance, Village Hall and Playing Field requests, and the Play Area inspection report.

As ever the Charity will consider all Parish related requests for financial aid.  Please make contact with the clerk, Charles BIrch C/O Brown and Co. Norwich, in all cases.


Hockering VA School: The school sent a very detailed report of activities and progress that will be printed in the village magazine. Numbers at the school are low – 37. It is hoped that the new developments will bring more children to the school.


Playing Field Association: Matt Darge stated that the focus is to improve facilties for maximum use. It is hoped that cricket will start later in the summer. The top end of the field has been seeded and roped off until the grass grows. Work has started on a wildlife area with bat and bird boxes being installed. General aim is to get more parishioners to use the area. A large hosepipe has been purchased to water the grass. Meanwhile encroaching undergrowth will have to be cut back, mindful of nesting birds.

Cameras are also to be installed to identify dog walkers who do not clear up after their dogs and also vandals.


Play Area: Rosemary Neave stated that the litter bin is not being used. However, the play area itself is well-used and Rosemary and her husband Keith keep everything tidy and look over the equipment regularly. They were thanked for all their work.

Village Hall Committee: George Leslie reported that the last year had resulted in a loss of £43. Bingo has finished but Yoga and Kung Fu take place weekly.

New doors have been installed and quotes are being sought for a new boiler.New people are now on the committee and Julia Virgoe has kindly agreed to be treasurer.

Many thanks must be given to Paddy and Alan Everson who have resigned for the enormous contribution they have made to maintaining the hall. Also to George Leslie as treasurer. George continues on the committee but Paddy and Alan will be greatly missed.


Hockering Quarterly News: Richard Hawker stated that the magazine is distributed by a bank of volunteers – for which many thanks. The committee – currently comprising 5 people – are always eager for contributions and suggestions. The next issue is due out this month.


Breckland District Councillors: Gordon Bambridge attended to give an update on his current  position within Breckland DC. He is still involved in planning but focussed on rail, road and power. He is also on the drainage board. He is always happy to answer questions.


Norfolk county councillor: Bill Borrett. A report and invitation to the meeting was issued but the clerk has not yet had a reply.


Police: PC Paula Gilluley, Breckland Community Engagement Officer, sent a detailed report which will be printed in the village magazine. The report states that the police are keen to get involved in matters which affect local people as rural crime is a big worry to many people such as motor vehicle theft and burglaries of farm buildings.


The usual monthly meeting then followed.


The minutes of the last meeting of 14th May 2019 were agreed correct and signed by the Chairman, Derrick Johnson.


MATTERS ARISING. None this month.


PARISH COUNCILLOR DISCLOSABLE PECUNIARY INTERESTS: no requests for dispensation this month.





3PL/2019/0524/VAR Jays, Gypsy Lane, Hockering. 

Removal of condition 4 on 3PL/1998/0911/O Erection of dwelling. This removes the agricultural restriction. There were no objections.


Monk Plant Hire Ltd, Waste recycling centre, Stone Road, Hockering. NR20 3PZ. Breach of condition. The parish council requested a further update on the current situation as the metal pile still appears to be above the limit in the Stone Road loading bays. D Johnson said he would again contact Norfolk county council.


Hill House Development: the road leading to the development will be called Albatross Road and the two roads within the development will be Sloe Berry Lane and Bramble Drive respectively.


61 Heath Road, Hockering. Enquiries were made by the Parish Council to Breckland DC planning department regarding the extensions currently being carried out at the property. After a detailed exchange of correspondence and lengthy investigations, it has been confirmed that Planning permission is not required in this instance and that the relevant legislation comes under Building Control.


A47 North Tuddenham to Easton dualing improvements. The project manager, James Powis has advised that the scheme is progressing and he will be meeting with the parish later in the year to hear suggestions regarding the plans.





Hockering Shop – Mateusz Kasica. Petrol for grass-cutting. £19.00

Clare Morton. Audit 2018-9. £50.00

Alison’s Equestrian & Pet Supplies. Grass seed for playing field. £160.60

Hockering Football Club. Hosepipes for playing field. £50.72



Annual Audit 2018-9. The accounts have been examined by the internal auditor and no problems found. The Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2018/19 will now be posted on the village website along with all the other financial papers.

The dates for the period for the exercise of public rights are 1st July 2019 – 9th August 2019. The accounts can be viewed by contacting the clerk.



Still outstanding:

Metal bus shelter. A panel has come loose. D Johnson said he would organise someone to repair it.


Hill House development. The parish council is still waiting for an update regarding the access issues.


CORRESPONDENCE: Breckland Council’s new leader: Cllr Sam Chapman-Allen has written to introduce himself. It was agreed to invite him to a meeting but discuss first what the council would like to ask him.


AOB. A village litter pick has been booked for Saturday 14th September 2019. It will be advertised in the village magazine and on the village website.


QUESTIONS FROM MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC: G Bambridge said that the path along the A47 is becoming overgrown. The clerk will report it.


DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Tuesday 9th July 2019 at 7.30pm at Hockering Village Hall.