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Parish Council Minutes and Agendas

next parish meeting on the 11th August at 7:30pm

If you would like to see older copies of the Hockering Parish Council minutes,

please contact the Parish Clerk.




ALL COUNCILLORS CONSULTED: D Johnson, R Hawker, M. Darge, Mrs R Neave, M. Mason, Ms J Virgoe. 


CHAIRMAN:        Derrick Johnson.

CLERK: Penny Hawker

APOLOGIES: None this month.


All documents were circulated electronically or by paper copies and circulated.


The minutes of the last meeting of 9th June 2020 were agreed correct and signed by the Chairman, Derrick Johnson.


MATTERS ARISING.  Nothing of note this month.


PARISH COUNCILLOR DISCLOSABLE PECUNIARY INTERESTS: no requests for dispensation this month.



FUL/2020/0016. Hockering:   Waste recycling centre, Stone Road, Hockering, Dereham, NR20 3PZ:   Variation of conditions 20 and 21 of permission reference C/3/2017/3002 to relax restrictions on the stockpiling of materials and operation of mobile plant:   Mark Monk.

This has been determined Refused by the County Planning Authority in accordance with the Development Control Scheme.


3PL/2020/0620/LB. & 3PL/2020/0619/HOU Yew Tree Farm, The Street, Hockering. Listed building application for erection of a detached outbuilding for use as a home studio/office. There were no objections to this application.


3PL/2020/0645/VAR. Hill House, Albatross Road, Hockering. Variation of condition no.2 of 3PL/2020/0049/VAR. This is an amendment to the layouts of plots 12 and 13.

There were no objections to this application but reminders were given about the improvement needed to the western access onto the A47 before the houses are occupied.


A47 North Tuddenham to Easton Improvements - Meeting to Discuss Side Roads. Highways England have requested a closed meeting. This has been deferred until a meeting can be arranged at village hall.



FUL/2020/0017 Hockering: Pips Skips Ltd, Frans Green Industrial Estate, Unit 7, Sandy Lane, East Tuddenham, NR20 3JG: Proposed waste transfer building.: Pips Skips : Mr P L Hyde. Hockering parish council submitted comments regarding this application in May 2020. However, the clerk has received a number of complaints and comments from landowners in East Tuddenham parish, stating they know nothing of the application and concerned that it is to become a food waste transfer station.

The clerk has contacted NCC who state that East Tuddenham parish council has been advised but, to date, has not made any comments about the application.

The planning officer has assured the clerk that this is not a food waste transfer station application. Waste types involved are: paper and cardboard; plastic; textiles; mixed municipal waste. The clerk has sought clarification on what ‘mixed municipal waste’ comprises. This is a long list but the planning officer states that these are absolutely non-hazardous. NCC can ADD a condition, as this is a new application, that such waste must not contain food, and they will do so for this application. The clerk has formally requested that this condition be added to the parish’s original submission.


50mph limit for Heath Road and Stone Road and Lyng Road.  The parish has had confirmation that this is in progress, and will take 6 months. East Tuddenham support this.


Prohibition of access from A47 to ‘Church Lane.  Daniel North of NCC has stated that it is not allowable to have a sign on the A47 stating ‘no entry – except agricultural vehicles’, as The parish council had suggested.  As an alternative, he suggests that the landowner could make an entry onto the old road, thus avoiding having to go out onto the A47 from land north of the A47 (obviously that would still not legally allow agricultural vehicles from Dereham direction to use the old road, and they would still have to go on the main entrance to Hockering.) NCC will contact the landowner to discuss. He will also be contacting Highways England for their consent.



ANNUAL AUDIT 2019 – 2020.

Viewing of accounts: The Exercise of Public Rights dates are 15th June – 24th July 2020. A notice is on the village and parish boards and on the village website to advertise this.

A Notice of exempt status received from external auditors, PKF Littlejohn LLP. The audit has been carried out by the Parish’s internal auditor instead.

All financial documents pertaining to the audit and the 2019 – 2020 finances are on the village website.



Hockering Motor Services. Grass cutter repairs. £69.60

Hockering Shop. Mateusz Kasica. Fuel for grass cutting. £16.44

CPRE Annual Membership. £36.00. This is paid by Direct Debit.

Play Area Safety Inspection fee: £86.40.

The Poor and Townlands Charity have generously sent a cheque to cover this fee.


Cheltenham Mowers Ltd. New grass cutter for playing field. £2299.00

The Playing Field Association have applied for and have been awarded a grant of £1699.00 towards the cost. The remainder will be funded from the Playing Field account.





PLAY AREA. The RoSPA safety inspection has been carried out this month in spite of the fact that the play area is currently closed. The report is circulating amongst the parish councillors and will be discussed at the August meeting.


WEBSITE ACCESSIBILITY. The Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) Accessibility Regulations 2018 requires public sector bodies to ensure reasonable adjustments are made to websites so that they are accessible to people with various disabilities: impaired vision; motor difficulties; cognitive impairments or learning disabilities; deafness or impaired hearing.

All local council websites are asked to comply with these regulations from September 2020.

The parish council is continuing to assess what actions it can take to comply. M Darge will give updates when available.


Complaints received regarding blocked gutters and drains in village. R Hawker and D Johnson looking into this. No reply has yet been received to enquiries.

Complaints received about the overgrown footpaths. Clerk has reported to NCC.

Complaints received about the overgrown grass verges. Bill Borrett, County Councillor has intervened and these will now be cut back within the next month.

Complaint received re a tree down on The Stile. The tree surgeon will deal with it.



The Summer HQN is nearly ready for printing and will be ready for issue slightly later than usual.


DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Tuesday 11th August 2020.


All meetings are currently virtual meetings, with business being done via email, paper copies circulated, and phone calls. However, it is planned to hold the August meeting in the village hall.



                                                                                         PENNY HAWKER

HOCKERING PARISH CLERK                  






1) Apologies.

1a) Parish councillor applicant to fill resignation of Susan Warren.

1b) Notice of vacancy due to resignation of Julia Virgoe.


2) Minutes of last meeting – 14th July 2020.

2a) Matters arising from the Minutes.

3) Parish Councillor disclosable pecuniary interests - requests for dispensation.



4) Planning and Road issues

3PL/2020/0620/LB. & 3PL/2020/0619/HOU Yew Tree Farm, The Street, Hockering. Listed building application for erection of a detached outbuilding for use as a home studio/office. Result of application.


Norwich Western Link project. Local Access Consultation.Deadline 20th September 2020.


Review of current developments and meetings.   





5) Finances

Details of expenditure and payments to be made since last meeting.

Playing Field grant requests.

Section 137 payments.

2019 - 20 Audit. Update. The Exercise of Public Rights dates were 15th June – 24th July 2020                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


6) Other issues.

Play Area – discussion re safety report. Update on damaged picnic bench.


Parish noticeboard. Discussion re replacement. M Mason to give update.


Gulleys and gutters; Parking issues in the village. D Johnson to report.


Dog  bin at Park Lane. D Johnson to give an update.


Village Sign: Base of post needs a metal guard. To be organised.


HQN Summer edition. Update. Autumn edition editorial meeting to be organised.


Village Website: New regulations in September 2020 asking for adjustments to the village website so it is accessible to disabled people. Accessibility statement to be prepared. M Darge to give update.



7) Correspondence.


8) AOB – to include items / issues reported to various authorities this month.


9) Questions from members of the public.


10) Date of next meeting –  Tuesday 8th September 2020 at 7.30pm.

Penny Hawker

Hockering Parish Clerk