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Parish Council Minutes and Agendas

next parish meeting on the 9th April 2019 at 7:30pm




PRESENT: M Mason, R Hawker, D Johnson, M. Darge, Mrs R Neave, Ms J Virgoe.

5 Parishioners.

CHAIRMAN: Derrick Johnson.

CLERK: Penny Hawker

APOLOGIES: None this month.

The meeting was held at the village hall.


The minutes of the last meeting of 12th February 2019 were agreed correct and signed by the Chairman, Derrick Johnson.


MATTERS ARISING. None this month.


PARISH COUNCILLOR DISCLOSABLE PECUNIARY INTERESTS: no requests for dispensation this month.




3PL/2019/0061. 21 Heath Road, Hockering. Demolition of garage and erection of single storey side extension. Application. There were no objections to this application.


3PL/2019/0148. 12 Bishop Herbert Close, Hockering. Demolition of existing garage, two storey front extension & single storey side & rear extensions. Application. There were no objections to this application.


3OB/2019/0002/OB.Newgate House, Gypsy Lane, Hockering. Removal of Section 106. The Parish Council felt that, in spite of several requests for more detail from Breckland Planning department, that they still had insufficient evidence to grant this request. Unanimously objected to.


3PL/2018/0690/VAR. Hill House, Lodge Road, Hockering. A further meeting was held on 5th March on site with Highways England to take a close look at access to this development. District Councillors and R Hawker attended. Highways England suggested that this was an inappropriate location for a housing development as it was too far away from amenities. The Breckland council officer in attendance was keen to say that they had acted correctly and no blame could be apportioned to them. It was agreed that safety issues regarding vehicles leaving the site from the west end onto the A47 need to be improved before the houses could be occupied.

Breckland Council’s Local Plan. Consultation. 13 more houses are proposed for the village up until 2036. It is not clear how this quota has been allocated. There were concerns over whether the village sewerage system could stand the large number of developments currently under construction and those still to be built. This would need to be an important issue in any applications received. The Local Plan suggests that there could be temporary solutions. These caused some alarm to the council. The parish would need to know what these would be and whether they would be acceptable.The clerk will put forward the concerns to Breckland Council.




S. Cole: Tree & Hedge Maintenance for The Stile footpath. £2870.00

Hockering Motor Services. Maintenance of playing field mower. £78.00


The Risk Assessment 2019 was reviewed and no special areas of concern were noted.



The Spring Hockering Quarterly news will be ready for printing in a few days.


A Parish Litter Pick took place on Sunday 10th March 2019 in very wet weather. In spite of this, a number of bags of rubbish were collected by hardy parishioners, who were thanked for their efforts. Another pick will be scheduled for a Saturday – as requested by some parishioners.


The Stile footpath. Work has been completed cutting back those trees that are considered too tall. Dog mess is a major issue along this path and the contractor charged an extra £30 on his bill to clean his equipment of dog mess. Naming and shaming those irresponsible dog owners was the only solution suggested to this problem.


CORRESPONDENCE: Nothing this month.


AOB. M. Mason asked about what progress had been made to making the lane leading from the church one-way. Cars hurtle down here in the morning to avoid the queue on the A47. He agreed to take this up again with Norfolk County council.


Village Hall. Some discussion took place about upgrading – or demolishing the village hall – and resiting it at the playing field. There was considerable objection to this idea from some on the council. It was suggested that those who were interested in such a project form a separate committee.

The parish council were advised that the upkeep on the village hall is not a parish council matter but the responsibility of the village hall committee. R Hawker advised that certain issues at the hall were currently being attended to and some improvements were to be made. There were restrictions due to the size of the hall and the surrounding land that would mean it could not be extended to a great extent. Quotes are currently being sought to replace the boiler.


QUESTIONS FROM MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC: Nothing of note this month.


DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Tuesday 9th April 2019 at 7.30pm at Hockering Village Hall.