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Parish Council Minutes and Agendas

next parish meeting on the 10th December 2019 at 7:30pm

If you would like to see older copies of the Hockering Parish Council minutes,

please contact the Parish Clerk.



Meetings were again held monthly at the village hall.

Planning issues still continue to be the major topic each month. A number of new housing developments are currently underway which will change the face of the village. There are concerns about the volume of traffic they will generate along Heath Road and also on-street parking problems.


Issues with the roads are also a dominant issue. Options have been put forward for the dualling of the A47, but final details are awaited.

The village magazine – the Hockering Quarterly News – and the village website continue to be the key way to keep in touch with all parishioners


Yet again, the subjects that the clerk receives most complaints about are dog mess and inconsiderate parking. The parking issue will become increasingly important as more houses are built in the village so everyone needs to bear others in mind when they park their vehicles.

There are a number of dog bins around the village but inconsiderate dog owners are still not using them. If you need a map of the village showing where the bins are located or if you think yet another bin is needed in a location where one ought to be, or if you have other suggestions for dealing with this ongoing problem, please let the parish council know either via the website or by ringing or emailing the clerk. Bear in mind that the cost of the existing bins and their upkeep is charged to your Council Tax bill so do please make use of them.


There is currently a vacancy on the parish council. Being part of the parish council is increasingly important as the village grows in size. It is the one way to keep abreast of planning issues and to have some input on what happens to the village. Both District and county councillors are always invited to each monthly meeting. Contact is also made with the police and church and it is a chance to support the community.


Comments and queries from parishioners are welcome. Do attend a parish meeting where you will be given an opportunity to make your views known.


Penny Hawker

Parish Clerk June 2019.






PRESENT: D Johnson, R Hawker, M. Darge, Mrs R Neave, M Mason, Ms J Virgoe.

3 parishioners. Bill Borrett – District and County Councillor.


CHAIRMAN:        Derrick Johnson.


CLERK: Penny Hawker


APOLOGIES: G Bambridge – District Councillor.


The meeting was held at the village hall.


The minutes of the last meeting of 8th October 2019 were agreed correct and signed by the Chairman, Derrick Johnson.


MATTERS ARISING.   Drains: Heath Road, New 6-bungalow development. The drain filling-in and blocking has not yet been resolved. D Johnson said that queries are ongoing. B Borrett advised that this needs to be pursued while the developer is still onsite.


Hill House development. Modification of the access is being addressed. A road safety audit is to be completed. It is not yet clear what the proposal will be.


Monk Plant Hire. The piles of waste continue to exceed 5 metres in height despite complaints from the parish council. The chairman said he would make a further complaint and B Borrett agreed to support the complaint. It was also agreed that the chairman would clarify the working hours of the site.


PARISH COUNCILLOR DISCLOSABLE PECUNIARY INTERESTS: no requests for dispensation this month.




3PL/2019/1098/EU. Jays, Gypsy Lane, Hockering. Use of a dwelling for person not within agricultural occupancy.

This application has been approved.



3PL/2019/1256/VAR. Lake View Lodge, The Street, Hockering. Removal of agricultural condition.

Comment deadline was 8th November 2019. The parish council was consulted and objected to this application 4:2. This was to be the dwelling of the owner of the farm. The parish council object to the circuiting of the planning rules by gaining approval for a dwelling (especially a large one) where it would not usually be approved, on the basis of running a business, then not too long afterwards ask for a removal of the restriction. It refers to application 3PL/2014/1333/F and permission for the property to be built was granted and limited only to a person occupied in agriculture due to: Condition 8) to resist the erection of dwellings which are not essential to the needs of agriculture. The house was actually being constructed prior to permission being granted. The granting of permission further read: outside the settlement boundary and as such the general principle of a new residential dwelling is not supported unless there are special circumstances as set out in policy CP14. These are the grounds on which the parish council objected.






Hockering Shop – Mateusz Kasica. Petrol for grass-cutting. £13.00

TTSR Ltd. – Maintenance of The Stile. Half-year bill. £148.80.

RECEIPTS:           Breckland Council: Precept. 2nd Instalment: £6,500.00.


PRECEPT 2020-21.  It was agreed to set the Precept for 2020-21 at £15,000.00.



The inter-parish speed sensors are in the village from 28th October 2019 for 6 weeks. One is currently on Heath Road and one near the school. Thanks to M Darge and D Johnson for organising. D Johnson agreed to investigate the possibility of Community Speedwatch for the village.


Metal Bus Shelter. Owing to the rising objections to moving the bus shelter, Mrs Neave suggested leaving it as it is. The clerk reminded her that the reason for looking at it was due to it being in a dilapidated state and that she, as well as others, had complained about it. Ms Virgoe agreed to investigate the possibility of using land currently owned by the pub so that a bigger shelter could be considered. No one was hopeful that this would achieve anything. The problem is that, due to the limited space available at its current location, no decent replacement bus shelter was available.


HOCKERING WOOD. The new owners of the wood are making a deposit with Norfolk County Council which means that they do not intend to dedicate the land for public use. The clerk has investigated this and there is no way that this can be prevented. It was agreed that she would write to the landowners and ask them if they would reconsider.


REMOVAL OF TRAFFIC FROM CHURCH LANE. NCC have advised that a scheme is being drawn up and funding will be allocated in the new financial year 2020.




Highways England have asked to meet with Hockering Parishioners on the above date at the village hall to discuss A47 dualling improvements and answer any questions. The clerk will draw up notices and arrange to post around the village, school, shop and on the village website and facebook page.


AOB: Complaints have been made about dogs constantly barking in Lily Avenue. D Johnson said he would pursue this and complain to Breckland Environmental Health Department.

B Borrett advised that parishioners would need to keep a diary of times and days when the noise was at its worst.


R Hawker said he was pursuing the cracked pavement in Yew Tree Court complaint. This had become a safety hazard.


St Michaels Close: Hastoe Housing are gradually managing to clear the enormous pile of dumped rubble and rubbish from the end of the Close. This has been a huge task. It needs to be monitored to ensure it does not recur.





DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Tuesday 10th December 2019 at 7.30pm at Hockering Village Hall.  It was agreed to have coffee, tea and mince pies.










PRESENT: D Johnson, R Hawker, M. Darge, Mrs R Neave.

2 parishioners.


CHAIRMAN:        Derrick Johnson.


CLERK: Penny Hawker


APOLOGIES: M Mason, Ms J Virgoe.


The meeting was held at the village hall.


The minutes of the last meeting of 10th September 2019 were agreed correct and signed by the Chairman, Derrick Johnson.


MATTERS ARISING.  The clerk reported the rusty speed sign post at the end of Manor Close but NCC advised that they did not consider that it needed replacing. The parish council disagreed and the chairman said he would contact them and send detailed photos.


PARISH COUNCILLOR DISCLOSABLE PECUNIARY INTERESTS: no requests for dispensation this month.




3PL/2018/1133/O, The Street Hockering. Erection of 6 No. dwellings. Notice of appeal.

 Appeal reference: APP/F2605/W/19/3224842

The appeal has been refused. Application classed as sporadic development and as it is proposed in open countryside, also classed as ‘incongruous’.


3PL/2019/1098/EU. Jays, Gypsy Lane, Hockering. Use of a dwelling for person not within agricultural occupancy.

Historic information requested to prove or disprove that the non-agricultural use has existed for such a length of time that the use is now established.

The parish council agreed that the property had been in non-agricultural use for over ten years. This information will be submitted to Breckland Planning department.


3PL/2019/0989/LB. Yew Tree Farm, The Street, Hockering. Internal alterations to remove wall between kitchen and dining room and replacement of windows to south and west elevation.

This application has been approved.


 3OB/2019/0027/OB Hill House Commercial Property, Park Lane, Hockering.

Discharge note referred to in the S106 agreement of 3PL/2016/1552/F relating to approval of the business plan. This application has been approved.


3PL/2017/1574/O. Land West of Heath Road, Hockering. Application for outline planning permission for the development of up to 28 dwellings with associated works including vehicular and pedestrian access, pedestrian links, infrastructure and landscaping. All matters reserved except access. Amended site plan showing full details of three access points from Heath Road.

This outline application has been approved. The council noted that it would be important to establish full drainage plans when the full application was presented due to problems with drainage and flooding that already exist within the village.


3PL/2016/1262/O Outline for residential development of up to 12 dwellings. Heath Road

Hockering. This application is still subject to a formal complaint by the parish council. Although the head of planning, Jon Berry, has apologised that the notification of this application going to committee was not sent to the clerk’s existing email address and admitted that this is an error that must be rectified, no apology has been given to the clerk for the planning department’s error. It was agreed that the impression was that the Planning Department did not accept that they had acted incorrectly. The formal complaint will be upheld until the clerk receives a direct apology.



Metal Bus Shelter. NCC state there will be no problem in moving the bus shelter to the bottom of Yew Tree Court. It was agreed to buy a better bus shelter than the existing one, ie one with three sides and proper seats. It will be necessary to provide a ramp to the shelter for disabled access and also to move the speed repeater sign to a different location in The Street. The clerk will obtain details of the shelter for the next meeting. Cost will be in the region of £5000.


3PL/2017/1534/F. Land to the west of Heath Road, Hockering. NR20 3HZ. The complaint made regarding the filling in of the drainage ditches on this site is still ongoing as no satisfactory response has yet been received.

The chairman has taken detailed photographs of the ditches and the effect that filling them in had on Sunday October 6th 2019 when it rained heavily all day. These photos will be sent by him to the Flood authority: Natalie Harris, assistant flood risk officer, Environmental Services.


A47 development North Tuddenham to Easton. Scoping consultation.

An environmental statement relating to the proposed dualling of the A47 is required and the scoping report is currently being compiled. Consultation is invited from various bodies including Hockering Parish Council regarding this report asking what information the parish would like included in the report which will then determine what action will be considered over the environmental impact of the dualling.

The parish council stated that the scope of the environmental survey was not wide enough. R Hawker was nominated to complete the survey for the parish.





Hockering Shop – Mateusz Kasica. Petrol for grass-cutting. £7.49

P Hawker. Clerk’s half-yearly expenses. £688.67

M Darge: print and edit Autumn edition of HQN: £392.00




The inter-parish speed sensors are due in the village from 28th October 2019 for 6 weeks. D Johnson and M Darge will supervise. It was agreed to locate them on Heath Road and The Street but move them around periodically subject to suggestions from parishioners. D Johnson will advertise their arrival on the village facebook page.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     



CORRESPONDENCE: Nothing of note this month.


AOB. The village litter pick on Saturday 14th September 2019 was a success but not as well attended as the previous one. However, over 10 sacks of rubbish were collected.


NCC Highways have traffic counters across the roads in the village and environs, monitoring the volume of traffic since the opening of the NDR. The parish council have noted their locations to ensure that the figures that will be given as a result of the traffic count take account of the busiest roads in the area.


It was agreed that planting wildflower seed on some of the verges in the village, instead of mowing the grass, would be an attractive idea. The chairman said he would ask the village via the village facebook page.


North/Western Link Road. A questionnaire has been received to consider the promotion of more walking/ cycling and horse riding, when the link is completed, and how this can be done.

The aim is that these activities should not be restricted. It was agreed to insist that all existing footpaths and lanes were kept open. R Hawker will complete the questionnaire.


QUESTIONS FROM MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC. A query was raised about the visibility on leaving the village and turning onto the A47. R Hawker said he was in communication with Highways England over this matter and it had yet to be resolved.


DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Tuesday 12th November 2019 at 7.30pm at Hockering Village Hall.