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Recycling of waste collected in your area.

What can be recycled and what happens to it once it is collected?

So what happens to all that recyclable waste that is collected?


Click here to watch what happens to all the waste you carefully recycle !


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However, this link was provided by  Norwich City Council.

From: Communications Team

Sent: Thursday, December 17, 2015 4:41 PM

To: Communications Team

Subject: Help share 'Recycle Right' information


To all town / parish council clerks,


I am writing to let you know about Breckland’s ‘Recycle Right’ campaign, which is now underway, and to ask for your help with sharing the important messages with residents in your area.


The campaign aims to encourage people to recycle as much as possible and to remind them of the range of items which can be put into their recycle bins at home.


We are always looking to maximise the amount of recycling we collect from kerbside bins and we have launched this campaign at a time when houses are likely to have even more cardboard packaging, wrapping paper etc than normal. The campaign is expected to continue into 2016.


It is also important to recognise that there are a number of items which can’t be put into the recycle bins - e.g. food waste, clothes, dirty cans/jars etc - and doing so can actually ruin the materials which normally could be recycled (e.g. by mixing paper with food waste, it gets dirty and can’t be recycled). There are some alternatives to kerbside recycling bins – e.g. recycling centres, clothing banks – for items which may be recyclable, but not via the kerbside collection.


A press release is attached for your information and to consider using as a basis in your newsletters, notice boards, websites etc, to help us raise awareness of these messages.


Please also look out for our ‘recycle right’ twitter and Facebook posts, which explain whether items can be recycled at home or not. Please retweet / share these, as you see appropriate. (@BreckCouncil on twitter / ‘Breckland-Council’ on Facebook)


These posts / our press release contains a number of examples of things that can/can’t be recycled, but please direct residents looking for a more detailed list to: From this page, people can find a link to another page which details common Christmas items and whether they can/can’t be recycled.


Finally, please also find attached a press release detailing the bin collection schedule over the Christmas period, which may also be of interest to residents in your area.


Thank you for your support with this important issue. Please email me if you need any clarification.


Best wishes,



Matt Barnard | Communications Officer | Breckland Council
DDI: 01362 656815
W: | T: @BreckCouncil | F: Breckland Council